Rain Guard Liquid Rubber

Rain Guard Liquid Rubber

Rain Guard Liquid Rubber is a Liquid applied elastomeric membrane coating solvent base -based on urethane prepolymers. Synthetic Rubber. Rain Guard Liquid Rubber when applied on a surface, gives a continuous monolithic film that is rubbery and elastic in nature. The film is self-curing and cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture with almost 1000% elasticity

Rain Guard Liquid Rubber is black in color.

The virtue of its chemical reactivity in the liquid state has good adhesion to a wide range of substrates such as concrete, brick, wood, slates, tiles, glass

and metals, etc. Unlike more traditional bitumen-based products, Rain Guard Liquid Rubber is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions and is not adversely affected by extreme temperature conditions. Rain Guard Liquid Rubber does not flow at thigh ambient temperature and does not crack at low temperature.

Rain Guard –Liquid Rubber is membrane coating and as such waterproofing protection is achieved only with film thickness i.e 1 mm minimum. It is essential to achieve this thickness. Although membrane can be applied in a single coat of 1mm, however, it is recommended to apply two Coats of 0.5 mm each to avoid uneven surfaces, thin patches, joints, missed areas, or pinholes. Apply a second coat when the first layer is sufficiently cured to allow access to the operator

Application Procedure :
  • Clean the surface thoroughly with a wire brush, and remove all dust, dirt, foreign particles, fungi, etc.
  • Allow the surface to be completely dry. Do not apply Rain Guard Liquid Rubber on a damp surface.
  • All the cracks /Voids shall be sealed with a rubberized sealing compound.
  • Apply Rain Guard Liquid Rubber primer @6-8sqmt/ltr on the entire surface to be treated. Allow the primer to dry.
  • Apply Rain Guard Liquid Rubber by brush or spray @0.5kg/sqm on the entire surface and up to 150 mm high on parapet wall allow.
Features :
  • Coverage : Coverage rates may vary with surface texture and porosity. The information given is based on average usage. A site trail is recommended.
  • Rain Guard – Liquid Rubber Special primer 6-8 Sqm/Ltr.
  • Rain Guard – Liquid Rubber 1 kg(0.8 lt)/Sqm on a smooth surface will provide an adequate film thickness of approx. 1mm. Any textured surface will increase the surface area which must be considered when calculating usage.
  • Storage : Store in a cool and dry place. The liquid of the container should be properly closed after use. In very cold conditions store inside. Do not attempt to thin.
  • Once opened Rain Guard – Liquid Rubber will start to cure and skin will form. Even in the re-sealed cans. this can be removed if the material is used within approximately one month.
Health And Safety :
  • • Keep out of reach of children, Keep away from the source of ignition
  • • Do not breathe vapor /spray, ensure good ventilation during application and drying. In case of eye contact – wash with plenty of clean water and seek medical advice. Avoid prolonged skin contact wear suitable protective clothing and gloves while handing /applying.